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How it Works

Whether you’re looking for a good restaurant to dine or a café  in Phnom Penh city, Phnom Penh Restaurant Guide makes searching easy. Use our unique geolocation mapping feature to find what you looking for. We will help you find a suitable restaurant for you in just a few seconds.

If you have a restaurant in Phnom Penh follow this easy steps to list it.

1. Register
Type in your chosen username and email (this is the e-mail you will receive all inquiries for your listed objects). You will receive an email within a minute with your computer-generated password. Use your username and password and login and get listing.

2. Contact Information
Fill in your contact and private information, upload a logo if you choose and click on save – done!

3. List the Restaurant
Now it’s time to list your restaurant. Click on “Add New Restaurant” and follow the steps. All done in a couple of minutes. No hassle, no hidden fee’s.

Think about that
We do not approve listings without photos! and all photos shall be approved by our team prior to the listing being viewable.
b) We will visit you before we approve your listing. We want to make sure that your restaurantse keep the standard we require.
c) We only list 100 Restaurants to keep the standard high. If we are full when you register, you will be added to a waiting list.